A solid workbench top is perhaps the most important tool for any woodworking shop, especially if you’re assembling your own table. A handcrafted or prefabricated workbench surface can save you tons of time and money, particularly if it is made from quality and durable materials. When considering a new workbench top, consider your work needs. […]


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So should you get a fire extinguisher if you’re a landlord? Well, whether your state requires it or not, supplying a fire extinguisher to your tenants is always a good idea. It keeps the insurance companies happy, it can save your property, and it can also save your tenants if the worst should occur. Of […]

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So why get a drug scale? Well, whether your drugs are supplements or recreational, you’ll need a scale to weigh out herbs and powders. Speed of use, accuracy, and being able to separate all of your weighed mass from the scale easily—these criteria add up to the right drug scale. If you’re tired of looking […]