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Human beings have an innate urge toward personal growth, balance, and well-being.  Through counselling and support I assist people towards the achievement of these goals.  I believe our emotional experiences can get trapped in the cells of our bodies waiting to be released and the longer they remain with us the more likely it is that we end up in a state of dis-ease.

I also believe we are conditioned by life experiences and influenced by patterns emerging from them.  We react to people and situations every day and if we listen to these reactions we can learn more about ourselves.   Viewing these reactions as cues that let us know when we are out of balance allows us to investigate what happened.  It offers an opportunity to connect with self on a deeper level bringing us clearer meanings.  With this awareness we are empowered to make choices that end an old cycle and make a fresh beginning.  A growth process that transcends the mind and embodies the change that has taken place at a deep level.

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that are relative to every gland organ and part of the body. Learn more
Counselling, with a Spiritual Psychotherapy approach, is an approach to deep emotional and spiritual well-being.  It facilitates a special kind of experience where someone reaches out to more parts of self, others, and life as part of a larger growth process. Learn more
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